Dog days of summer

What do our dogs and their names reveal? A lot, about the animal, how we see them and maybe ever a bit about ourselves. Sometimes a dog may live down to a hastily given name such as Puddles or Baby while dogs named Bear or Killer might try to live up to their billing.Whiskers was a much loved member of our family for many years. He had a bit of Scotty lineage which caused his hair to be bristle-like over much of his body, thus the name Whiskers. People called him Mangy Mutt or even Ugly, but to those that really knew him, he was Super Pooch, Wonder Dog and a worst Magnificent Mutt.Barney was next. He was a very small house pet, thus the name Barney which means mighty and fearful! He tried to live up to his name by playing in traffic which resulted in Joshua being our next pooch.He was a gift from my brother to replace the loss of Barney. Our grand children called him Joshie and our daughter called him Hipper Diaper to recognize two of his youthful attributes: over activity and not learning his house training very well. His living down to this name resulted in his becoming an outside pooch!Barney had been my wife's dog so Joshua the replacement was given to her and thus got a new name: Mama's Dog. Over the years Joshua was never called Hipper Diaper anymore and only occasionally Joshie, but the name Mama's Dog seemed to last.Buddy came next. He was a surprise gift given to use at a granddaughter's birthday party. The event was in a large roller rink where a lady picked my wife out of the crowd to receive the dog. We were not looking for another dog but he was so cute. After several days with no name, the granddaughters decided he was a buddy and thus the name Buddy. As of this writing he is still with us and really is a Buddy.So where does one go after 33 years of life with a Super Pooch, a Wonder Dog, a mighty and fearful Barney, a Mama's Dog and finally a Buddy? Life needs dogs, summer time needs dogs and we've decided the dog days of summer in our lives will be through memories: good ones.Thanks Whiskers, Barney, Joshua and Buddy!Named Writer of the Year in 2005, Ted Weaver is also an accomplished public speaker, educator and auctioneer. Mr. Weaver held positions as the Manager of the Chamber of Commerce and Mayor Pro-Tem in Sweetwater, Texas. Contact Ted Weaver at or by phone at 719-964-5268.