Couple talks about saving driver from burning fuel truck in Sweetwater

Staff Writer

(KTXS) — A couple who was in the right place at the right time on Thursday open up about the moment they saved a truck driver’s life in Sweetwater.
Gary Wade, a retired firefighter, is no stranger to smoke.
Instinct taking over, Wade pulled over on I-20 in Sweetwater with his wife, Tami, in the car to see what exactly was on fire.
“We didn’t even question it,” said Tami Wade. “He stopped and we ran.”
Getting closer to the fire, they realized that it was a cab of a truck. They noticed the driver, Josh Winegeart was inside asking for help.
“I heard him and I guess I could see him moving around inside,” said Gary Wade. “I didn’t know if he was pinned or what the extent of his injuries were.”
Gary tried kicking in the door but was unsuccessful.

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