County-City Library Holds Book Signing for Local Author

Staff Writer

On Monday, July 16, local author Victor Rubio held his “Transformed: The Legend of Rising Eagle” book signing at the Nolan County-City Library. Rubio grew up in Sweetwater, and graduated in 2008. After graduating from Sweetwater High School, Rubio went to Hardin-Simmons University, in Abilene, to study History. 
Rubio’s inspiration for “Transformed: The Legend of Rising Eagle” was Native American legends and myths, as well as modern day urban legends from Mexico and the Southwest U.S. The story follows the main character Cuauhtleko (Rising Eagle) and his friends as they battle fierce enemies, overcome daunting obstacles and attempt to solve the strange mysteries that have engulfed them. 
The book has a glossary in the back, to help with the native names the characters and places are given. Not only does it give a little explanation of the character, it also explains how to pronounce the names of characters and places. There are also illustrations, to help you get an idea of what characters would like, and what type of weapons they use. 
The book is available for order online.
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