Connecting educators to employers is crucial to preparing students to enter the workforce

Staff Writer

According to a release the E3 Summit is back in Abilene and we will kick off the day’s events with renowned entrepreneur and speaker, Josh Linkner. Josh jolts people worldwide, helping them recharge their creativity to reawaken companies and careers. He teaches, inspires and entertains. Josh is on a mission to make the world more creative by providing powerful, fun and practical information that pushes individuals to dream and succeed.
This year’s event will host workshops from Collaborative Economics for the West Texas Manufacturers’ Industry Partnership. These workshops will focus on recruitment, retention and soft skills development for future and current employees. Area manufacturers will focus on business growth.
Educators from ISDs, homeschools and private schools will get hands-on experience from Texas Instruments, the nationally recognized Edu-Drone program as presented by Roscoe ISD teachers and students, Engineering in the 21st Century, just to name a few. Come explore innovative teaching techniques and resources, and share best practices among peers. Audiences will be captivated by distinguished, passionate presenters and transformative ways to engage students and prepare the workforce of tomorrow...To read more, please see our print or online edition.