Commissioners discuss jail

Steps were made toward the Nolan County Courthouse remediation and the county's jail and office complex during the Nolan County Commissioners' meeting on Monday morning, May 14, 2012 at the Courthouse.Seven record proposals were submitted following the county's request for proposals for a construction manager at risk for the dual project. The proposals were opened by County Attorney Lisa Peterson and officially received by the commissioners during the meeting.Each company included a total amount for the projects, ranging from around a low end of $316,000 to $2,228,000. The commissioners were given copies of the proposals during a workshop held later in the day on Monday with Don Olson and Vince Viaille, who spoke with the commissioners on how to examine each proposal and figuring out a time frame on coming up with a construction manager at risk.The workshop also allowed for the group to consider the next steps to take in regards to financing. Information was received about the bond process, but no decision was made regarding a timeline to pay out the bonds.The commissioners also approved a resolution authorizing the publication of notice of intent to issue certificates of obligation toward the county projects. County Judge Tim Fambrough read the resolution before approval was given.In addition, three bids were opened and received by the commissioners for a 60 ton chiller for the Courthouse. A $57,000 grant was recently obtained by the county for the replacement chiller, which will need to be completed by June 30, 2012.The bids came from companies in Abilene, Sweetwater and Merkel, with prices ranging from approximately $58,000 to $76,000. A special meeting is expected to take place sometime later this week for the commissioners to make an informed decision before approval.Furthermore, approval was given to renew a bond for the County Clerk's staff. A unanimous vote also approved the lifting of the burn ban in Nolan County.The minutes from the April 23, 2012 meeting were additionally approved, while the reports from the Nolan County Auditor, Treasurer, Veterans' Service Office, Sheriff's Office and Tax Office were received and approved.Two items were tabled during the meeting, including a contract between the county and i-Plow, a software company that is interested in working with the office of court collections. Several problems have arisen that led to the tabling of the issue.Also, a letter regarding the location of the new jail to be read by Loren Bryant was tabled. However, Mr. Bryant--who was in attendance at the meeting--did ask about a timeframe for wanting to gather people for a bond election to prevent the certificates of obligation. With the commissioners' approval of the resolution during the meeting, citizens would have from now until June 25 to present a petition with 5% of registered voters in the county.