Commissioners’ Court Meets in Emergency Session; Approves County Action


The Commissioners’ Court met in emergency session to discuss options and consider approval to use Nolan County equipment and personnel to deliver water to residences unexpectedly without access and for whom there is no date nor time proposed for water to be available.
The residences in question have been without water for six days. This is an emergency situation for humans, livestock and a way of life.
The area in question is homme to seniors who cannot dsrive into town to get water.
Some of the seniors use medical equipment that requires washing and items that need to be kept clean.
People have not been able to drink water, take showers, wash their hands or face, cook or take baths for almost a week. There are also a health issues, as with no running water, toilets cannot flush and sanitation will become an issue if this is not remedied very soon.
The Coimmissioners’ Court has approved the use of Nolan County equipment and personnel to deliver water to these residences.
This will be at no additional cost to Nolan County for this water or for the water to be delivered.