Commissioners’ Court to Meet in Regular Session, Monday January 13

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Notice Of Meeting Of
The Commissioner’s Court Of Nolan County
Notice Is Given That a regular meeting of the Nolan County Commissioner’s Court will be
held on the 13th day of January 2020 at 9:00 A. M., in the County Courthouse Sweetwater, Texas, at
which time the following subjects will be discussed,
1. Pledge allegiance to the United States flag.
2. Pledge allegiance to the Texas Flag.
3. Approve minutes from December 23, 2019 meeting.
4. Consider approval to remove/ reinstate the Burn Ban.
5. Consider approval of SAVNS Grant renewal.
6. Juvenile Probation to address Court on detention funding; make any appropriate motions.
7. Consider approval of nominations for Nolan CAD Board of directors.
8. Receive Tax Assessor-Collectors continuing education transcript for 2019.
9. Open and receive/approve bids for countertops.
10. Consider approval of bids for Flexbase Material.
11. Consider approval of bids for AC5, AC10, emulsion, & prime oils.
12. Consider approval to go out for bids for gas & diesel fuels.
13. Consider approval to go out for bids for grade 3 & 4 sealcoat rock.
14. Consider approval to go out for bids for a maintainer for Pct1.
15. Consider approval to go out for bids for three mowing tractors.
16. Receive reports from department heads.
17. Pay claims and line item adjustments, as requested by The County Auditor.
The Nolan County Commissioner’s Court reserves the right to enter closed session on any of the above under the authority of 551.074, Texas Government Code.
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