Commissioners’ Court Approves Healthcare Incentives, Bids

Staff Writer

The Nolan County Commissioner’s Court met in regular session on July 22, 2019 at 9 a.m., in the County Courthouse Sweetwater, at which time the following matters were addressed:
There was a presentation of Nolan County Service Awards. Deputy Brent Gauger was present to receive a Service Award for five years of service. Not present but awarded recognition were Wendell Bankhead from Precinct 1 for 15 years of service, Billy Murphy, of Precinct 1 for 10 years of service and Pascual Ortiz, Jr., of Precinct 4 has five years off service.
Minutes from the July 8 meeting were approved without change.
The Commissioner’s Annual Road Reports were received by the Court.
The Nolan County 2020 Holiday Schedule was approved.
TAC gave a presentation regarding participation in the County Specific Incentive. The goal of being enrolled is for employees to control their healthcare costs and take charge of their health. TAC promotes a healthy lifestyle that comes from changing one’s health behavior through health incentives. National average return on health investment is $3.42 for every $1.00 spent. The key to success is high employee engagement and incentives help drive that success. TAC recommends that enrolled employees get an annual physical. In 2016, employees who had an annual physical, their annual healthcare cost was 22 percent less than for those who do not enroll. As part of the annual physical, employee could get blood work, blood pressure check and sugars, triglycerides as part of the Catapult program. There would be no charge for that. TAC recommends an employee reward incentive such as a day off or a gift care as part of the program to encourage health. The incentive program would begin in October and as part of the program, the County would earn $1500 in the next year for having the program in place. The incentive would take place in the next year where the employee could choose either a day off or a gift card. The main focus is on more activity, a better quality of life and lowering healthcare costs. “A power walk a day will keep the doctor away.” The representative said.
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