Commissioners’ Court Approves Committee Work; Interlocal Agreement; County Road CrossingAgreement; Nolan County Property Insurance; Office Furniture Purchase


With Judge May out, Tommy White presided as Nolan County Judge pro tem for a quick meeting.
The Commissioner approved minutes from February 25th and March 4th meetings without edit or change..
The Commission approved two Nolan County commissioners, Terry Willman and Henry Ortega, Jr., to work in committee with two commissioners from Fisher and Mitchell counties. The committee is to consider funding questions, solutions, and present ideas to their respective Commissioners Courts for the future of the Multicounty Court at Law.
The Commissioners approved an Interlocal Agreement regarding the funding of the Multicounty Court at Law.
The Commissioners also approved a Nolan County Road Crossing Agreement for County Road 117, the renewal of Nolan County Property Insurance, Adult Probation to purchase three (3) office chairs. These will come out of office supply funds. The Court then received reports from department heads and then adjourned to pay claims and line item adjustments.
*The Nolan County Commissioner’s Court reserves the right to enter closed session on any of the above under the authority of 551.074, Texas Government Code.