Commissioners’ Court Approves Budget Proposal; Road Crossings

Staff Writer

The Nolan County Commissioners’ Court met in regular session on July 8 at 9 a.m., in the County Courthouse Sweetwater. After an invocation by Nolan County Commissioner Seth Mahaffey of Precinct 2, minutes from the June 24th meeting were approved.
The Court then received the Adult Probation’s proposed budget. The proposed budget received was for the next two years. It also brought to the Court’s attention that the annual polygraph exam for sex offenders in Nolan County will take place on Sunday. Commissioner Tommy White made the motion and the motion was seconded and approved.
The Court then considered approval of Interlocal Agreement with West Central Texas County of Governments regarding the 9-1-1 Program. After brief discussion, this item was shelved as it did not pertain to the Court and was determined to be erroneous.
The Court then considered approval of a lease with the Health and Human Services Commission including setting a dollar amount for the annual use of 5,350 square feet of office space. Judge May did some research on this matter and the consensus was that the lease rates per square foot run anywhere between 65 cents and $1.00. The Court then decided on 80 cents per square foot regarding the office space. It would be $600 for the janitorial, per month as it is at $524 at the present moment..
The Court then considered approval of Road Crossing Agreements for Precincts. 1 & 2 with Lone Star Express. Commissioner Terry Willman said it was a right away and had to do with Magellan and another pipeline. This motion carried.
The Court then considered approval of Road Crossing Agreement for Precinct. 2 with Fiberlight. Commissioner Mahaffey said this had to do with a fiber optic line. This motion carried.
The Court then considered approval of Road Crossing Agreement for Precinct 2 with Bitter Creek WSC. This is about placing a caisson in CR 221. This motion carried
The Court then received reports from department heads. Your Way, Nolan County Jail for April and May, Nolan County Coliseum for May and calendar for July, Welfare Association for July, County Clerk for June. The motion was made and the motion was carried.
The Court then adjourned to pay claims and line item adjustments in the Commissioners’ Office next door..

The Nolan County Commissioner’s Court reserves the right to enter closed session on any of the above under the authority of 551.074, Texas Government Code