City Commission approves MDD election results, swears in members, awards bids

Staff Writer

The City Commission met in a joint meeting with the Board of Directors from the Sweetwater Enterprise For Economic Development Board Of Directors Meeting this week.
After an invocation by Jerry Hendrix from First Baptist Church, the meeting was called to order by the Mayor and Board President, Jim McKenzie.
Highlights were many during the two hour long meeting. Election results were declared, members were appointed to the MDD, members of the City Commission were sworn in and appointed and resolutions and ordinances were read, among other matters.
The City Commission discussed, considered and acted upon the resolution and order canvassing the returns and declaring the results for the May 5, 2018, special election. These were read into the record and approved by the Commission.
The totals voting for the termination of SEED were 377 or 79% of the populace. 98 people voted against at 21%. In all, 475 people voted.
The Commission discussed, considered and acted upon appointing members to the Board of Directors to the Sweetwater Municipal Development District. In keeping with the members of SEED, the very same members were appointed to the new Sweetwater Municipal Development District board in their respective roles. This too was approved by the Commission.
After a lengthy discourse on the matter and with the help of an expert on city rules of operation, the Commission then acted upon approving Rules of Operation for the Sweetwater Municipal Development District. Verbiage was changed and will be sent to the newly appointed MDD for approval, which will then in turn send their changes, if any, to the Commission for final approval. There were many discussions, regarding such subject matters should three members being able to vote a person off the board if they frequently miss meetings and how many absences may constitute the need for replacement of a member, how many terms a member can serve and that SEED members will be considered city employees and if the interlocal agreement will mirror what’s already in place, the City Manager shall hire the Executive Director with the consent of MDD’s Chief Operating Officer. Work on the Rules of Operation will be jointly undertaken. The Rules, as they stand currently, have been approved, pending any requests for recommendation via the MDD.
The Resolution for the City Commission to approve Interlocal Agreement with the Sweetwater Municipal Development District has been passed. Interlock agreements are a big change for SEED but beneficial for the district. When all obligations and assets have been met, SEED will be fully terminated. The name, however, will be kept and the MDD will be known as SEED MDD.
“Kudos for Sweetwater being trailblazers.” The rules of operation expert said.
The Joint Meeting of the City and SEED was then adjourned.
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