Church members attend extreme camps

The T.A.G. Teen Ministry at the Word of God Church recently attended Extreme Camps. "We had a glorious time with five days of spiritual exhortation, feeding of the Word, exalting our Lord and showing the love of God to our brothers and sisters in Christ and the lost at camp. We had a commitment as a ministry together to unify in one mind, one heart, and one spirit," said Pastor Dale Stowe. "As I watched Christ become alive in the teens, they were all salt and light to the world. They were a city on a hill that could not be hid. I watched as the tide of the Spirit was stirred up in all those at camp that were entwined in the walk of these teens. They were being ambassadors for Christ Jesus, not there just to be at camp, but to be an effective vessel for their Lord. I pray that they stand strong in all they have been given in the Spirit of God."Stowe said that the last message they heard was "Finish Strong". "I pray that is burned deep in their hearts, never to leave their thoughts. God used these teens at camp because of their willing hearts and minds. Jesus was lifted up through these vessels. Glory and honor to our Lord for His purpose being done in them."