Authorization given to obtain bids for new police station

The Sweetwater City Commission gave authorization for city staff to go out on bids for the construction of a new police station during their meeting on Tuesday morning. The architect is very close to finishing the plans; upon their completion, this approval grants permission for the city to begin obtaining bids. Other bids were discussed during the meeting as well. Approval was given to allow staff to go out for bids to sell five surplus, real properties owned by the city.A minimum bid--the latest, certified values from the Nolan County Appraisal District (NCAD)--will also be set for the properties. The purpose for setting the minimum bid is that in the past, the cost of advertising has not been justified by the costs received from the bids.The properties will be advertised as a bundle in order to absorb the publishing costs and so the city can get them back on the tax rolls. Interest has been seen in some of the properties, in which three are located on West Colorado while the other two are on Tom Green and SW Georgia.In addition, unsolicited bids from C.D. Trimble Properties, LLC which were delivered by the NCAD were opened and considered. The bids were sealed, thus the commissioners had no prior knowledge on the potential costs. As back taxes are owed, any money made would go back to the appraisal district, which would be sent to the entity. The bids for Lots 6, 9, 10, 11 on Block 20 of the Southside Addition totaled $216.15, while Lot 23 on Block 16 of the Southside Addition received a $55.62 bid.Due to the costs, however, the commissioners rejected the bids, which was approved.Finally, two bids were opened for three pickup trucks to be used for city operations. City staff reviewed the bids before making the recommendation to go with the bid from the Buy Board of Texas, which came from Caldwell Country Chevrolet in Caldwell, Texas.Approval was given to accept the bid on a 2014 model, three-quarter ton pickup with a four-wheel drive extended cab totaling $25,619 for Source of Supply; the bid totaling $19,976 for a 2013 model, half-ton ton pickup with an extended cab for Waste Water Treatment; and a 2014 model, three-quarter ton pickup with a utility bed for Central Garage and Stores at the cost of $24,403.