Audit report presented at city meeting

During the Tuesday meeting of the Sweetwater City Commission, the audit report for the 2011-2012 fiscal year was presented and approved.Cathy Wilks offered the review of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, in which she stated that the three opinion letters all came back with a clean opinion. In addition, last year was the 29th year that the city earned the GFOA (Government Finance Officers Association) award.According to City Manager Eddie Brown, the award--which is geared more toward larger cities--is becoming harder to obtain. When asked by Sweetwater Mayor Greg Wortham on how the citizens could value such an honor, Wilks noted that the award is a higher achievement that comes as a result of the audit undergoing an additional level of scrutiny.An intense amount of work goes into the process of earning the GFOA award, in which the audit is not only seen by its preparers but by three other reviewers from across the country. Praise was given to the auditor and city staff for their work on the audit report.In addition, approval was given on a resolution for the city's approval of the West Central Texas Council of Governments (WCTCOG) Hazard Mitigation Plan update. The update has been reviewed by all involved parties, and its approval allows for the city to obtain grants.The commissioners also approved a lease renewal with the U.S. Department of Agriculture for Hangar E at Avenger Field. The lease currently stands at $200/month, but negotiations on a renewal price will take place soon.Furthermore, approval was given to authorize staff to go out for bids on AC5 asphalt and Grade 4 crushed rock to be used in the 2013 street seal coating project. It was noted that AC10 asphalt may have to be used for the project, due to the questionable availability of the AC5 asphalt.The minutes for the January 8 meeting were approved as well, and while no action was taken, the quarterly assessment of the Oak Creek Reservoir and the city's well field system was reviewed, along with the recommendation by Enprotec/Hibbs and Todd to remain in Stage I of the Drought Contingency and Water Conservation Program. Stage I of the program outlines a voluntary conservation of water.And during the public input portion of the meeting, the city commissioners were thanked by Jacque McCoy, the Executive Director of the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce, for their help in getting the wind blades in place on the east and west main exits for the city's new welcome signs. No lighting will be placed at the entryways, but the wind blades will be wrapped.