2018 Primary Election – local race as of Jan 19, 2018

Staff Writer

The March 6 Texas primaries are the earliest in the country; our candidate-filing period is the earliest, too. (The latest is Louisiana, where all candidates, regardless of party, run on Nov. 6 and the top two — if neither breaks 50 percent in the first round compete in a runoff on Dec. 8.)
The statewide officials elected next year will be in office the next time Texas draws its political maps, so there’s an extra significance to the 2018 elections. The next U.S. census will be held in 2020, and the Texas Legislature that meets in early 2021 will remake the maps for congressional, legislative and State Board of Education districts.
Along with the state wide elections, county wide elections will also be taking place. Running for 1st Multicounty Court at Law is David Hall (REP) uncontested. Running for County Judge are Jim McKenzie (REP) and Whitley May (REP). Running for District Clerk is Jamie Clem (REP) uncontested. Sharla Keith (REP) is running for County Clerk uncontested, and Jeanna Palafox Wells (REP) in running for County Treasurer uncontested. County Commissioner Pct. 2 (County Precincts 2 & 9) has 3 candidates Doug Alexander (REP), Domingo Castillo (REP), and Seth Mehaffey (REP). County Commissioner Pct 4 (County Precincts 4 & 8) also has 3 candidates Tony Lara (REP), Lance Rivera (REP), and Henry Ortega Jr. (REP). Running for Justice of the Peace is Angie Collier (REP) uncontested. Running for Republican County Chair is Larry May (REP) uncontested, and for Democratic County Chair Mark Hampton (DEM) uncontested.