10th Annual Ridin’ for Cash Bull Bash Exceeds $12,000 Goal

Staff Writer

Monday morning Annie Miles announced that the Ridin’ for Cash Bull Bash event to benefit the Visually Impaired of Nolan County and surrounding areas exceeded their $12,000 goal by raising a total of $14,203.
“We knew this year would be a tough one when we added another night, we had to work harder than in the past, but God provided everything we needed and we made our goal!” Said Miles. “We can never truly thank everyone the way we would like to, but just know that if you have a part in making this event successful, we greatly appreciate you and love you!”
This year was especially crucial for the event because the state legislature has made many changes to services. One of the changes was made so that Division for Blind Services was completely dissolved. Many children with severe visual impairment were affected and continue to be affected by this drastic cut. One huge impact was funding for camps, and conferences were also cut. This year there is zero funding for a camp for the visually impaired called, Camp VILLA. 100% of the proceeds of Bull Bash are going to pay the tuition for this camp for dozens of children this summer. Otherwise they would not be able to attend the camp for the visually impaired.
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