Sweetwater and Roscoe athletes compete at Arlon Barnes Classic

February 21, 2013

Results from the local weightlifting competition

Numerous high school boys and girls powerlifters from Sweetwater, Roscoe and the surrounding area competed at Sweetwater’s Arlon Barnes Classic this past week. It was the final qualifying meet for the girls, who qualified several individuals for regional competition that will be held March 2 in Fort Stockton. The boys have their final qualifying meet in Hawley this Saturday.
Individual (for Sweetwater and Roscoe powerlifters) and team results follow:
12 points β€” 7th place
Donald Baker β€” 2nd in 148-pound class (1,090)
Kendall Rea β€” 2nd in 242-pound class (1,255)
Austin Marlett β€” 4th in 165-pound class (1,070)
Steven Le β€” 6th in 165-pound class (1,025)
Alex Garcia β€” 8th in 181-pound class (1,025)
Trey Harvey β€” 9th in 148-pound class (865)
Cory Mendez β€” 9th in 220-pound class (1,015)
Zach Garcia β€” 10th in 181-pound class (920)
Christopher Adames β€” 11th in 198-pound class (825)
Max Nemir β€” 11th in 148-pound class (805)
Dylan Jimenez β€” 12th in 181-pound class (815)
Branson Guelker β€” 15th in 148-pound class (645)
18 points β€” 5th place
Jose Rangel β€” 1st in 165-pound class (1,290)
Note: Rangel also was the best overall lifter in the 165-and-below weight classes
Landon Jones β€” 1st in 181-pound class (1,215)
Phillip Ballenger β€” 4th in 123-pound class (560)
Jacob Lomas β€” 4th in 132-pound class (625)
Zach Longoria β€” 6th in 148-pound class (955)
Paul Ballenger β€” 16th in 148-pound class (590)
1. Abilene Cooper β€” 39
2. Abilene High β€” 38
3. Post β€” 28
4. Clyde β€” 19
5. Roscoe β€” 18
6. Big Spring β€” 13
7. Sweetwater β€” 12
8. Jim Ned β€” 12
9. Hawley – 8
10. Seminole β€” 3
11. Forsan β€” 2
12. Coahoma β€” 1
13. Denver City β€” 0
13. (tie) Snyder β€” 0
37 points β€” 2nd place
Mikki Reschman β€” 1st in 148-pound class (710)
Ashley Lara β€” 1st in 198-pound class (610)
Dana Hohn β€” 2nd in 165-pound class (770)
Ezzy Mermella β€” 2nd in 181-pound class (580)
Ziggy Collins β€” 2nd in 198-pound class (565)
Valeria Zavaleta β€” 3rd in 123-pound class (545)
Nay Gonzales β€” 3rd in 220-pound class (615)
Alexis Thompson β€” 5th in 114-pound class (505)
Kristi Ward β€” 5th in 165-pound class (645)
Crystal Luna β€” 4th in 114-pound class (505)
1. Hawley β€” 41
2. Sweetwater β€” 37
3. Andrews β€” 16
4. Seminole β€” 15
5. Abilene High β€” 12
6. Big Spring β€” 10
7. Clyde β€” 10
8. Ranger β€” 9
9. Jim Ned β€” 7
10. Forsan β€” 5
11. Snyder β€” 5
12. Bovina β€” 5
13. Roscoe β€” 2
14. Post β€” 2
15. Coahoma β€” 2
16. Levelland β€” 0

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