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April 22, 2013

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Page 2, Sweetwater Reporter, Senior Living 2013, April 21, 2013
Continuing to Provide Healthcare
for Your Entire Family
Frederick J. Kassis, M.D.
Internal Medicine
George C. Lindsey, D.O.
Family Practice
Luther C. Martin, D.O.
Family Practice
Larry E. McEachern, M.D.
General Practice
Jeremy R. Smola, D.O.
OB/Family Medicine
Karen R. Vaughn, M.D.
Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Elizabeth B. Burnett, F.N.P.
Family Health
New Patients Welcome!
201 E Arizona Ave • Sweetwater, TX 79556
Phone: (325) 235-8641
Rolling Plains Rural Health Clinic is now
Shannon Clinic Sweetwater.
Shannon is proud to be involved with such a wonderful clinic that has
served Sweetwater so well for almost 20 years. Our patients can expect the
same level of care and services that they have become accustomed to over
the years from the same doctors.
We provide many aspects of general medical care, including internal
medicine, family practice, OB & pediatrics. Other services provided:
• Comprehensive women’s, men’s, and children’s health services
• Extensive Radiology services on site, including X-Ray
• Bone Densitometry screening using state-of-the-art
screening equipment
• Extensive Laboratory services on site, including thyroid and
cholesterol screenings
• Workers’ Compensation, pre-employment physicals, and
drug screenings
• Well-child exams and Texas Health Steps Physicals
• Minor surgery
• Treatment for infectious or metabolic diseases
• EKG’s, 24-hour Holter monitoring and stress testing on site
Specialists Come to You
Specialists from San Angelo will continue to travel to Sweetwater for
monthly clinics. Specialties include urology, cardiology, neurology,
neurosurgery, rheumatology and orthopedic surgery.
Monday — Tursday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
Friday, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday, 8:00 am – Noon
Sweetwater Reporter, Senior Living 2013, April 21, 2013, Page 3
Cogdell Memorial Hospital’s
Specialty Clinic
Allows residents to see a specialist near home for
exams, consultations, referrals, and treatment
in areas such as:
• Cardiology
• General Dentistry (Children)
• General Surgery
• Gynecology
• Nephrology
• Opthalmology
• Oral Surgery
• Pain management
• Skin problems
• Urology
Ask your primary care physician about referrals
or call 325-207-2133
for more information.
Visit us at
and on Facebook.
To your good health: Simple things
help make healthy aging possible
Shannon Clinic Sweetwater family practice
Have you noticed that the numbers in the
phone book seem to be getting smaller? Do you
find it harder to get down on your knees to look
under the bed — and to get up again?
There is no question that age brings changes
to our lives. And yes, we would all prefer to avoid
some of those changes.
Physically, for example, stiffening joints can
make it harder to get around. And many people
find that their short-term memory just isn’t what
it used to be. Often, difficult personal situations,
such as the death of a spouse, can add to the nega-
tive changes.
It’s important to realize age can bring positive
changes as well. One survey found that many
older people say they have less stress and more
time for family, interests and hobbies than they
used to. In fact, the vast majority of older people
report they are satisfied with their lives.
To a great extent, what older age will be like
for you depends on how you live now and how
you cope with the changes that come your way.
You may not be able to turn back time, but you
can move in a direction that may make getting
older easier and more pleasant. Here are a few
• Decide to have an active mind and body.
Remember the adage, “use it or lose it.”
• Opt to be involved. Isolation can contribute
to depression and other health problems. So
keep connected to family and friends. Social con-
nections can help ensure that you have physical
and emotional support for what comes your way.
Many organizations offer volunteer opportuni-
ties, such as the Rolling Plains Memorial Hospital
Auxiliary Volunteers or SNAP (Senior Nutrition
Activities Program) drivers.
• Choose a healthy lifestyle. The advice you
heard when you were younger still applies: Eat
well, maintain a healthy weight, get enough rest,
don’t smoke, do what you can to stay safe and see
your doctor regularly. However, do more than just
see your doctor. Good, honest communication
with your physician is important. Do not be afraid
to ask questions about issues that may be bother-
ing you. These questions lead to answers that can
improve your health, help make your life more
comfortable and, in some cases, can even save it.
• Relish your leisure time. Do things you enjoy
and allow yourself some downtime. Too much
stress can contribute to a host of health prob-
• Practice healthy ways to cope. Believe in your-
self, and remember: You can handle whatever
comes your way.
If you have concerns or questions, please contact
Shannon Clinic Sweetwater at (325) 235-8641.
1900 Preston Road • Sweetwater, TX • PH: 325.235.4319 Fax: 325.235.9361
New Car Loans
Starting At 1.8%
We also offer extended warranties
Loans subject to approval.
Page 4, Sweetwater Reporter, Senior Living 2013, April 21, 2013
The Medicine Place
Medical Supply
1410 Lamar St • Sweetwater, TX 79556
Phone: 235-4366 • Fax: 236-6800
We Provide:
Lift Chairs
Diabetic Shoes
& Supplies
We Bill
Medicare For You!
Nolan Nursing and Rehab: The newest facility in town
The newest senior health care facil-
ity, Nolan Nursing and Rehab (NNR),
has been serving the Sweetwater com-
munity for the past 30 years.
Now located at 705 NE Georgia,
the facility specializes in skilled nurs-
ing services, physical and occupa-
tional therapy, as well as IV therapy.
Other various services are offered at
Nolan Nursing and Rehab, including
Hospice Care and Wound Care.
Other amenities consist of a bar-
ber/beauty shop on campus and vari-
ous recreational activities. Private
pay, Medicaid and Medicare are wel-
comed and accepted at NNR.
Most recently, Nolan Nursing
made the transition into a newly
constructed home. The process took
place in February 2011, where all the
residents from the old building —
previously located on Lamar Street
— were moved to the new building in
a two-hour time frame.
The new facility is licensed for 96
residents. Currently, the health care
facility has 66 residents. Among four
wings, there are six private rooms,
while the remaining rooms are semi-
private, and each room has a bed, a
chair and a wardrobe closet. Each
wing dead-ends into a sitting area,
which has telephones, plasma televi-
sions and couches.
NNR administration stated about
the move, “This would not have been
possible without the help of the com-
munity, family members and CARR
[City And Rural Rides],” as the public
transportation company provided a
bus and driver to help transport the
residents. “Thanks to everyone who
helped with the move.”
Nolan Nursing and Rehab is owned
by DayBreakVenture in Denton,
Residents, staff, family and volunteers of Nolan Nursing and
Rehabilitation Center were treated to an Elvis concert earlier this year.
Harvey McFadden has been entertaining as a Elvis tribute artist for
12 years. This was Harvey's fifth performance at Nolan Nursing. He
enjoys entertaining seniors in the Big Country. Pictured with Harvey is
Alerta Hickman. Nolan Nursing offers many activities for its residents.
Did you know
the Government has written a Will for you?
Do you want
a Government Will or your own Will?
Zollie C. Steakley
Attorney At Law
Board Certified
Civil Trial Law
Texas Board of Legal Specialization
(325) 235-8700
FAX # (325) 236-9694
101 E. 3rd Street
Sweetwater, Texas 79556
Zollie C. Steakley, P.L.L.C. has
over 35 years experience
in helping you with your own Will.
Contact us at......
Sweetwater Reporter, Senior Living 2013, April 21, 2013, Page 5
Hoyt House offers assisted living
The Hoyt House is a senior living community
that is located at 1700 Hoyt Avenue in Sweetwater,
Texas. It is owned by the Assisted Living Concepts,
Inc., which is one of the 6th largest assisted living
companies in the US. Assisted Living Concepts
has 214 communities in 20 states, and 44 houses
are located in Texas. The company holds a State
Regulated Type “B” license, which is considered
the highest licensure for an assisted living com-
Quality of Care is the company’s number one
goal. The community offers modernly-construct-
ed, private living apartments that range in size
from studio to one-bedroom. Hoyt House com-
bines senior living with comfort and luxury in
a beautiful independent setting. The variety of
services and programs at Hoyt House, including
Assisted Living, Companion Living and Respite
Care, fulfills residents’ needs for senior care.
“Hoyt House can be a great alternative to a
Skilled Nursing Facility; we are less expensive
and promote a home-like environment for our
residents,” said Hoyt House administration.
Residents are served three nutritious meals a
day (restaurant style) with menus created by a
Registered Dietician. At Hoyt House, they pro-
vide a high level of service with a personal and
caring touch. Housekeeping, laundry and main-
tenance services are provided to allow residents
the chance to entertain, relax and socialize with
their neighbors, family members and friends. The
“Meaningful Pursuits” program offers a number of
fun activities for residents and community mem-
bers to participate in and enjoy themselves each
month. Whether someone is active and enjoys
having a full social calendar, or prefers to relax
and take things more slowly, the varying levels of
service and activities accommodate each resident’s
lifestyle. Hoyt House offers seniors the opportu-
nity to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere free from the
daily worries associated with living alone.
At the Hoyt House, 24-hour on-site care is pro-
vided through their Personal Assistance Attendants
and a Registered Nurse (Wellness Director) who is
on duty fulltime, as well as on call when needed.
An emergency call system is available, and the
community has an automatic fire alarm notifica-
tion with a sprinkler system, along with secured
keyed-entries. Assistance is readily available as
well — with things like medicine, bathing or
dressing through a customized physician plan of
care for residents. The staff at the community con-
tinually receives training in order to understand
residents’ preferences and needs while providing
care for them. Healthy living is also promoted at
the Hoyt House.
Wartime veterans or surviving spouses in need of
assisted living may qualify for significant monthly
income from the Veterans Administration. Short-
term respite, emergency care or long-term stays
can be provided by the Hoyt House. The manage-
ment staff also makes house calls through the
Marketing and Home Visits Program. With the
understanding that some people want to live in
their home, support is offered in a number of
ways like complimentary meals and safety checks.
During the home visits, Hoyt House staff can
answer questions regarding assisted living while
discussing the challenges of living at home alone.
They can also help in the transition of preparing a
future resident who will be coming to live in the
For more information about the Home Visit
Program, Veterans assistance or any aspect of the
Hoyt House assisted living community, call Hoyt
House at 325-235-5655.
Shown above is a model apartment at Hoyt House assisted living facility.
Planter boxes have been installed at the Hoyt
House as part of an Eagle Scout project by Don-
nie Baker.
Page 6, Sweetwater Reporter, Senior Living 2013, April 21, 2013
RPMH offers tips
on staying healthy
Seventy is the new 50, or at least
that is what we hear in commercials
and magazines. But for sure those
of us over 50 have the advantage of
many opportunities to stay healthier
and more fit than ever. There are
some readily available preventative
measures that can be accomplished
individually and with the input of
your doctor such as colon, prostate,
cervical and breast cancer screening;
bone density testing, regular check-
ups and many others.
Eating a balanced diet is easier
than ever with the availability of web-
based nutritional and weight moni-
toring sites such as
Some people avoid exercise because
they feel they aren’t ever going to
run a marathon or bench press their
body weight, but the point of exercise
is to move. Whether you can only
do leg lifts while sitting in your easy
chair or do arm curls with cans of
soup, get moving! Try starting with
a walk around the block or down the
driveway and slowly work up to 30
minutes of vigorous exercise a day.
Moving makes a difference!
If you were a sun lover in your
younger days, don’t forget to have
your primary care provider take a
good look at your skin each year.
Don’t forget your eyes either. Annual
eye exams can detect serious prob-
lems early.
Fortunately, most preventative
screenings and wellness education
is available locally. Your doctor can
make recommendations and you
can contact Rolling Plains Memorial
Hospital for information on exercise
classes, preventive health screen-
ing, dietary counseling and educa-
tion classes for many conditions and
health issues. The next lunch and
learn class will be held on April 25 at
noon in the Emergency Department
Classroom. Dr. Ted Dyer and Dr.
Robert Eaker will be discussing
sleep apnea. This and other lunch
and learn programs are open to the
public at no charge. A reservation
is required and seating is limited.
Come join us and learn more about
common health issues and how to
help yourself feel the best you can at
50, 60, 70 or whatever age you are!
SNAP offers many activities for seniors
Senior Nutrition Activities Program (SNAP) offers many things to the seniors
and shut-ins of Sweetwater. The center, which is located at 1701 Elm, is a place
for senior citizens to come together for conversation, games and other activities,
which include, but are not restricted to, playing pool, cards, dominoes, quilting
and working jigsaw puzzles.
The participants also have the opportunity to play bingo two times each
month. In addition to these activities, SNAP participants and employees take
trips to events such as Hee-Haw in Sagerton, concerts and plays.
The most important role SNAP has in Sweetwater and Roscoe is providing
hot, nutritious meals for seniors and adults with disabilities. SNAP currently
delivers approximately 175 meals every weekday to the homebound through
Meals on Wheels. SNAP also serves approximately 35 meals at the center on a
daily basis.
What started out as a city-funded program, SNAP’s funding now comes
mostly from the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services — about 55
percent. Another three percent comes from The Texas Department of Aging and
Disability. The Nolan County United Way helps out with another three percent
while Nolan County provides one percent. The remaining 38 percent is provided
by donations, private contributions, fundraisers, memorials and the City of
Volunteers make home delivered meals possible. These people provide thou-
sands of hours of service each year by driving their own vehicles and delivering
meals to the shut-ins of Sweetwater and Roscoe. Currently, there are 17 volun-
teer routes — 16 in Sweetwater and one in Roscoe.
SNAP depends on its volunteers as much as its state funding, grants and
donations. Without the help of volunteers, Meals on Wheels would be non-
existent. Also, many of the recreational activities at SNAP are possible because
of volunteers.
In fact, many people who participate in SNAP activities are those that volun-
They volunteer to organize fundraisers, deliver meals and lead in games and
recreational activities.
Transportation is also available to those who wish to dine at the SNAP center.
A suggested donation for the meal is $2 for those over the age of 60 and $4 for
those who are younger.
Director Tonya Challis, secretary Janet Patty and clerk Betty Ramos run the
center each day. The kitchen staff is made up of food service supervisor Marie
Suggs, cook Marsisa Castellanos and kitchen aides Yolanda Ruiz and Teresa
Stewart. Richard Cuellar is the van driver providing transportation and deliver-
ing meals daily.
The SNAP center is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays, and everyone is
invited to come eat and/or meet and socialize with others.
SNAP is always looking for volunteers. Anyone interested can call the center
at 236-6344. Donations can be made to SNAP, P.O. Box 450, 1701 Elm St.,
Sweetwater, TX 79556.
Sweetwater Reporter, Senior Living 2013, April 21, 2013, Page 7
Ronnie W. Dennis, M.D. | Board Certified OB/GYN
301 Jenny George Lane, Suite 5
Sweetwater, TX 79556
Care You
Can Trust
Ronnie W. Dennis, M.D.
Board Certified OB/GYN
Local women’s health without the
big city hassle.
Call for Information and Appointments
200 E. Arizona, Suite 4
Sweetwater, TX 79556
Mark Seibel, M.D.
Orthopedic Surgeon
If you’ve been suffering from bone and
joint pain, then it’s time to find the relief
you’ve been looking for.
Consult your family physician for a referral or call
Page 8, Sweetwater Reporter, Senior Living 2013, April 21, 2013
Specialized Care.
Local Convenience.
Comprehensive healthcare is never too far;
it’s around the corner.
200 E. Arizona Ave. s Sweetwater, TX 79556
(325) 235-1701 R P M H
Recovering at Home?
Our compassionate Home Health program
is available to help with:
5kiIIed Nursing º Physical Therapy º Home HeaIth Aids
Contact us today for more information!
Specialized Care. Local Convenience.
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