County proposes tax rate

August 17, 2012

Special meeting held by Nolan County Commissioners on Thursday, August 12

At the special meeting held by the Nolan County Commissioners on Thursday morning, August 12, at the Nolan County Courthouse, discussion was held on the tax rate for 2012-2013.
The proposed total tax rate comes in at .394635 (39 cents) per $100 valuation. This number is the combination of the general fund rate of .340670 per $100 valuation and the farm to market fund rate of .053965 per $100 valuation.
This new total rate was noted as a three cent decrease from the current rate of .423023 (per $100 valuation). In addition, the proposed rate does not exceed the rollback rate--a trend which hasn't occurred for several years.
A record vote was then taken of the three commissioners in attendance--in which they were in unanimous approval, and the motion to accept the proposed tax rate was approved.
The commissioners also approved scheduling a public hearing on the tax rate for their next regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, August 27 at 9 a.m. at the Nolan County Courthouse.



August 17, 2012 by Voter (not verified), 2 years 50 weeks ago
Comment: 687

Often we hear politicians say they will lower taxes, most often that comes from the ones who are trying to get themselves elected. Now here our sitting Commissioners Court has done just that, lowered taxes proving they are not just talking the talk. I hope the rest of the taxing entities follow their lead.
Now if the Central Appraisal District would follow.

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