Maggie Mae and Otis Lee

November 12, 2013

We got to puppy-sit Maggie Mae for our youngest daughter Alison and her husband. She was a seven-week-old JackRat (Jack Russell and Rat Terrier). I took her to town on my rounds and people went "looney tunes" over her. She has a raccoon face, black spot on her side, and black tail. She is so smart that our teacher-daughters could teach her to read and sing. When she was six months old we adopted her. Can't you just hear it, "Mom, you were right, we just can't keep Maggie Mae in an apartment." I took Maggie Mae with me the first day.

Websites-R-Us, by Kathleen Sebelius

November 5, 2013

With Kathleen Sebelius supposedly being in trouble for the failure of a rollout that was the Obamacare website, I have to ask, why? In fact, I have to ask it twice. First of all, why Mrs. Sebelius? What's she done that's so unusual? I know that supposedly she's responsible for how bad the Obamacare website is, but come on, there was no way that thing was going to work. Personally, I'm not buying that she's being singled out because she's responsible for anything.

Our grandparents farm

October 29, 2013

Remember how it was where your grandaddy and grandmother lived? Picture a house with a screened-in back porch, a well or cistern and storm cellar. Mama Johnson always had a lot of plants like ivy and sweet potato plants. Outside would be big roses, trumpet vines and castor beans. It was cool in the cellar and canned goods were down there, usually peaches, peas, corn and green beans.

Faster and bigger?

October 22, 2013

Years ago, I had one of the top Samoyeds competing in canine agility in the nation. She was lightly boned for the breed, and a little long – both attributes that added to her ability to turn quickly and move fast. AKC agility divides dogs not only by experience, but by size. Due to her height, the majority of the dogs against whom she competed were Border Collies. The sport of agility seems to have been created for them – they love nothing more than tearing around a course with blazing speed and lightening turns. But…is that really better?

Storming Obama beach

October 15, 2013

News Flash! Just in! Government shutdown leads to shuttering of the federal Department of Education, and as a result school test scores are rising for once. Additionally, with employees at the Department of Energy being furloughed, it seems the United States is about to become the number one energy producer in the world. Say…, if the people at the EPA who are in charge of the administrations war on coal have been furloughed, maybe we can finally get some power plants built. Oh wait, I was just day dreaming.

The circus money, Part 2

October 8, 2013

Pat was blue and feeling awkward at the harsh age of thirteen. Grace was her only friend, and understood, since she was the same way. One day, they were on their way home, when they walked by the local hangout for the rich kids. They both confessed they wanted to be there and be a part of it all. It looked like so much fun and excitement, with all kinds of friends. Pat had an idea. She thought on it for a few days, and then one day, she said to Grace, “Let’s go in there. Come on with me. I have some money”. She bought them each a cherry lime coke, and put a quarter in the jukebox.

The circus money, Part 1

October 1, 2013

Beth knew she had a good solid country family. She married Josh fifteen years ago this summer. She was just out of high school when they married. Josh started helping on the farm more and more as he got bigger, and going to school less and less. It wasn’t that he went to school all the time and then quit, it was more like it just kind of played out. Beth always wanted to attend the business college, and Josh was in favor of it too. She went the first semester, made good grades, and loved it, until it just didn’t work anymore.

This time, let’s learn the lesson

September 24, 2013

Since John Kerry has been on a "tour of duty" pushing the administration's policy concerning Syria for almost two weeks now, do you suppose he's going to put in for another Purple Heart? Before you discard the idea out of hand, don’t forget, he verbally shot himself in the foot the other day. Then again, as I recall, the Purple Heart isn't supposed to be awarded for self inflicted wounds. Or for that matter fictional ones either. Not that either of those conditions would necessarily stop John Kerry from applying for a Purple Heart.

Time to go

September 17, 2013

I remember back long ago in times of such a different world. Houses, friends, toys and lives were so much more simple than today. Your mother would take you with her to a near neighbor's house to play while she visited with his mother. Did you hear that? That's a flashback to so long ago before so many conveniences that somehow have mysteriously conspired to take more time than we have. Oh, for a second I forgot. That was before constantly blaring televisions and cell phones kept close by so we can hear them ring over all the other hype.

The name on the ticket is Bond...James Bond

September 10, 2013

Aficionados of the James Bond series are familiar with the device known as a license plate flipper. It is my understanding that this is a device which, in a matter of seconds, changes the plate on a vehicle to a different one. It apparently debuted in James Bond movies, and has become a significant enough concern that the Texas Legislature passed no more than three new offenses concerning it! In the midst of everything else that they needed to do, they created an offense for the possession of a flipper, sale of a flipper, and “use, purchase, manufacture or sale” of one.

It’s been a rough district start for Sweetwater’s bas-ketball teams, who collect-ively are 0-8 as...
The Sweetwater junior varsity girls basketball team (pictured) will be trying to avenge its only...
The Sweetwater JV boys basketball team will be go-ing for its 10th win when it travels to Snyder...


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