Give me your tired, your poor…

July 3, 2013

The Fourth of July will soon be upon us. If anyone was in doubt, the advertisements sporting patriotic symbols and sales purporting to be associated with the holiday have already started assailing the senses. Many articles of a more serious nature will also be appearing, reminding us of those individuals who, over two centuries ago, chose to battle what they perceived as injustice, and incidentally founded a new nation.

Stop complaining, this is for your own good

June 25, 2013

The Barack and his caba…, sorry, I meant to say, the "present administration, keep telling us all of the monitoring of our phone and e-mail data is being done so they can "protect" American citizens. Looked at one way, I could almost agree with them. After all, I've long made the case that the mainstream media doesn't have the best interests of America at heart.

My fantastic father

June 18, 2013

For some reason, Facebook isn't in as much of a frenzy today as on Mother's Day, and I really don't know why. But it's Father's Day, and to be fair, dads should be delighted in just as much as moms.
So that's my intention, but not just on social media.
In the way that most people describe their fathers, my dad is very laid-back. We can be asking him what he wants to eat for dinner, what he prefers to drink with his meal, or where he wants to go out to eat--he doesn't really care. Part of that might be due to the fact that he's not a picky eater. The only thing he refuses to eat is yogurt.

Who let the dog bite?

June 11, 2013

School is out, and the sun is shining. Summer has started, and people are flocking to the outdoors. In the evening, it is not uncommon to see people jogging, walking with friends, biking, or just walking to visit with neighbors. Unfortunately, many of these pursuits are made traumatic by the dog, freed from confinement for whatever reason that chooses to chase. Despite what the owner may believe, dogs are predatory animals who consider things which move away from them as prey.

Thank you

June 4, 2013

I get moody every Memorial Day. Subconsciously, my body knows it's that special day. I usually spend the day reflecting on the friends I have lost through the years and reflecting on my family members just joining. Every male in my immediate family has served in the Department of the Navy (Dad, brothers, myself) and now my nephew has just graduated from boot camp and will be headed overseas (as did his father). I think all of us had gotten hurt at one time or another while on duty. But we stuck it out. You know, those days, being in the military was thought of suspiciously.

Guess who’s really in charge of developing clean energy?

May 28, 2013

Regular readers of my columns will know that I spend quite a bit of time opining about energy and energy independence. One of the reasons I do this is because to me the issue seems so obvious that I really have a hard time "getting" that not everybody grasps how we could reach energy independence and the amount of good achieving it could do for us. As usual I want to add the caveat that in order to truly reap the benefits of being energy independent we are going to have to solve some of the worst of our other social and political problems.

Going to the dogs!

May 21, 2013

It has not been many years ago that persons thought of “dog shows” as some rare, exotic pastime indulged in by the wealthy folk back east or on the west coast. When I would mention spending my weekends in Dallas, Amarillo or San Antonio showing my pets, few folk had any comprehension of what I was doing. Times have certainly changed, to the point that most people know when Westminster will be televised, the AKC national (December) and the National Dog Show which always follows the Macy’s Parade on Thanksgiving Day.

My magnificent mother

May 14, 2013

Every Mother's Day, my Facebook and Twitter feeds blossom like a bouquet of roses. Expressions of love like petals bloom about how their mother is the best and why she deserves that title.
But they're all wrong.
So many memories pop into my mind about my mom as I sit to write this. She was a stay at home mom for her two boys and twin girls while we were in elementary school and because of it, she typically landed in the role of room mother or volunteer.

Personally, I’m going to bet on the farmer

May 7, 2013

Having heard another government "expert" state something pretty ignorant recently, I thought I would use what this person said to make some points.

Boston gives America a Constitutional examination

April 30, 2013

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing, many citizens, politicians and reporters have developed an interest in, and sometimes strong opinions about, the mechanics of our system of justice. The words “rule of law” can mean many different things to many different people. Certainly, it could mean ruling with laws. It could mean protecting with laws. It might mean avoiding what we today call “judicial activism.” It encompasses all of those things.

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